March 28, 2011

Nutella it's whats for breakfast...

I was recently selected to be a host
for MommyParties 
sponsored by Nutella.

I have been eying Nutella for 
awhile now on the shelves
at the store but have been unsure.
Boy was I ever wrong!
I could eat Nutella every day
all day. 
On toast, bagels or just out of the jar and 
ok maybe I did that on the rare occasion
(every day).

 Now being the ever caring (selfish)
mom that I am I 
tried to keep the Nutella from my
But with just one taste test
they all became addicted like me.
Worst of all my baby Hulk.

MommyParties sent me a great gift pack
so that I could have a wonderful 
get together with all my 
Mommy friends.

Nutella Samples
A Nutella Tumbler
Nutella spreader
$1.00 off coupons
Nutella recipe cards
and much more.

I unfortunately forgot to take a picture 
off all the goodies before giving them all out.

So what about you have you
tried Nutella yet?
You really should!

1 comment:

  1. We've been thinking about trying it but haven't gotten around to it yet but NOW I guess we will!