April 12, 2011

4 Years Ago

My world went from being a mom
to 2 sweet little girls 
to being the mama of a soon to be 
rambunctious but mostly sweet little boy!

So here's to you my
fun loving, carefree, loving,
rambunctious, wild and crazy
little Ninja!

Happy 4th Birthday to YOU!
Love you mostest baby big boy!


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy! My daughter turned two on Friday, so I know you must have a busy day in store! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your little boy. Giving you a follow back thanks for stopping by Living at the Whitehead's Zoo.

  3. Thanks for joining in on the Tuesday Fun Hop!

    I am following you back :)

    The Professionally Insane M

  4. Happy Birthday to him!!!
    Following you from the HOP!

    Love the song on your blog, it's one of our faves!! My oldest son's name is Gabriel and our oldest (daughter) couldn't say his name when he was born and called him GOO!

    Now, they hear this song and thing it's saying: Stuck on Goo :) lol!

  5. happy birthday to your gorgeous little man! he is so cute :)

    new follower, please stop on by..