April 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. Flying Kites
Great high 60's temps and windy days make for 
wonderful kits flying. Pictures coming later.

2. Cadbury
These dang Cadbury eggs get me every year.
I know how much I can NOT resist them
yet I buy them every time I see them.

3. Birthday Planning
Little Ninja turns 4 tomorrow and I 
have been busy getting his birthday party together.
You can't bring cupcakes to school here
so goodie bags have been made.
Although birthday cupcakes at school is much better.
It's almost non-American to not have birthday cupcakes
brought to school. 
OK, not really but close.

4. Family
I am getting super excited for our
first visitors to come see us.
The wonderful in-laws are coming in just over 2 weeks
to help promote the hubby.
Then in another 2 months my mom is coming out
for a few days and I cant wait. 

So that's it my randomness. 
More birthday posts this week I'm sure and kite flying too.
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  1. Holidays always bring around the greatest candies..like Easter and those cadbury eggs. Another amazing treat that comes along with Easter are those YUMMY HERSHEY EGGS! You, my dear, know exactly the ones I'm talking about. You bought some when we were all in Oki and kept them in a dish hidden on the top shelf of your bookcase! Remember Stephen giving me a hard time about eating a few of them. Well I have 4 bags in the cabinet now...I dare him to say anything!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Yummy Cadbury eggs are my favorite! I would probably die without them I always stock up so they last me a little while.