April 8, 2011

Flashback Fridays

As a military family we move a lot.
I thought today for my
flashback Friday I would show you
some of my favorite places in the cities we have lived.

Starting in Savannah Ga...

While I do not have digital pictures of our time in Savannah
and am too lazy to scan some onto the
 computer I am going to use
google image to find my
all time favorite place there...
Riverfront Savannah
We used to take Carter down there to run by the water and look
at the boats when it was nice out.

Kansas City Missouri...

By far my favorite place I have ever
lived is Kansas City Mo
and I grew up a military kid.
There is just so much to do there
and it is not too big of a city.

 I loved going down to Zona Rosa and walking around window shopping.
And in the fall our favorite place to go was Johnson Farms.

Okinawa Japan...

There was so much to do in Oki...
I loved being able to walk to most of the fun
once we moved off base and were closer to little gems like this...
Aruba Pirate Ship Park
American Village at night
There were so many more great places there that
I might just have to do an entire flashback Friday to
remember our time in Okinawa one day.

Pensacola Florida...

While I am not normally a beach person
we went enough that I began to love it.
 The Naval Aviation Museum was also
a place I went took the kids to a lot.

Basically Boston Massachusetts...

Unfortunately we have not
been here long enough for me to
have my favorite places yet.
But with the temperatures rising and spring
finally showing up.
Don't worry about the lack of my
soon to be love of Boston!

So there you have it my version of
Flashback Friday.
Hope you all have a great Friday
and a wonderful weekend.


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  2. How interesting to have lived in so many places. Your kids will have such a rich experience through this. Have a happy Friday!

  3. Wow you have lived in some great places! My hubby is out of the USMC - but he was stationed his entire time in Oceanside, CA (well and his several deployments) while we were dating. How fun that you have gotten to "see the world" so to speak!

    ps: Found you on Friendly Friday link party :)

  4. Great pictures! Kansas City, MO, huh? maybe we'll have to visit sometime. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm from Kansas City! (Well, a little suburb, but still). And Boston is my absolute favorite city. You should take the kids on a Duck Boat ride--it's sooo fun! I got to "drive" the duck boat on our trip there as a kid and it was great. I also got to participate in the "Boston Tea Party" on one of the ships. And I remember going to a very fun children's museum.

  6. I am so happy you found me! Blog hop is the best! I can't wait to read more of your adventures and military life. Always been fascinated by it..Amor has been seriously considering enlisting...at this point in life...I'm just not sure but I'd have to say...what a life you've had and all your travels...fascinating! Following you, too :)