April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope you all are having a 
wonderful Easter Sunday.
We are going to be busy busy today.
We'll do the Easter baskets this morning
before heading into church to celebrate that
our Savior is alive!

Once we get home I will
 begin making our Easter dinner.
This year since we are far away from 
family we will once again be
spending the day with friends.
That is one of my favorite things about being military.
Holidays spent with friends.
We will eat, have fun, hunt eggs and make lots of memories. 

To all our family back home we miss and love
you all very much. 
We wish we could be home with you on this 
Easter Sunday. 

To all our readers...


  1. Happy Easter!!!


  2. Happy Easter to you! I love that photo - I have one in similar colors posted on my blog for today, too :)