May 23, 2011

Flash Mob in Boston

So yesterday while out in Boston
we caught a flash mob 
in action. 
Since every time we go out we play
tourist still we caught nit on video and camera.

Here is our video we shot and put on YouTube.
(scroll down to the bottom and turn off my music first)

I am following the group Boston Flash Mob on 
facebook so that when they do this
again I can be there. 

My kids thought this was the greatest thing ever. 
They love seeing themselves in the background
of other videos taken and from the news
channels that were there. 

How was your Sunday?


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  2. Would have loved to see it person lol..Following you from the mom blog hop. Would love a follow back, its all about my family :)

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  5. I love flash mobs! It would be awesome to see one! Found you at the Monday Blog Hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

  6. Very cool, instead of just following the group, you should join them. See what the kiddos say to that! lol

  7. cute!!! i have never participated or saw a flash mob in person! i am glad you caught it!!!