May 10, 2011

Welcome Welcome

To all the new followers
welcome to my blog.
I hope you enjoy the posts about my 
crazy life as a SAHM to 4 kids!

Leave me a comment to let
me know you are following 
and I will follow back!

Also, if you are new here make sure to 
come back often.
Very soon once I hit that 500 follower mark
I am having a 
$100 Visa Gift Card giveaway!

It should happen any day now.

Also, enter my Tea Party Pendants giveaway
that ends tonight with LOW entries!

Just for fun...
here are 5 things about me!

I am a natural red head. I have been asked many times
"what color/number are you" while looking at shampoo that happens to be by hair dye.

I grew up a military brat so this lifestyle is normal for me...

I love everything to do with the color pink.
Which is why I loved my daughters 6th birthday.
I am starting to try my hand out in baking. 
I made this for my friends daughters 2nd birthday.

Most days like right this second I consider changing my name from 
Mommy. No matter how cute these kids are.


  1. Pink is my favorite color, but I don't get to indulge in it much since I have boys. I do as much pink nail polish and clothing as I can, without going over the top :)

    Great job on the cupcakes and cake- love them!

  2. The cupcakes look delicious! Following you from the Fun Tuesday Hop blog hop. Would love it if you LIKE my page:

  3. Those cupcakes look gorgeous. I really enjoy baking/cake decorating, but I hate doing the dishes afterward.

    And I wish I had gorgeous red hair like you. ;)

  4. looks yummy:) following from the hop, check me out at whenever you can

  5. what a cute family...I love rambunctious boys!! I am following from the Tuesday Hop, hope you will visit:

  6. Love all the pink! What a pretty set up for your daughter's bday :)

  7. You sound like a great person. My daughter also has red hair. Good luck on the baking!

    I found you off of “I love my online friends Monday hop” from last week. I was hoping to play this week, but no party was thrown. I just became your newest follower. If you would like to return the favor I’m leaving a link to my blog below. I am looking for new friends to exchange comments with.

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  8. You have a lovely family and your cupcakes look yummy!!! #5 I lol I'm with ya on that one!!

    Great post!

  9. Following from the hop! My boys are both redheads. You are a rare breed! The cupcakes looked yummy too.

    twitter: @claylauren2001

  10. Following from Tuesday blog hop! I'm trying out the baking thing recently too lol!


  11. A new follower from the tuesday blog hop. Hope you will follow back. Looking forward to reading more!