June 9, 2011

How To Be God's Little Princess Book Review

When I first saw this book I knew that my
Rosie would love this book.
First of all she has the
God's Little Princess Bible
and because just by the cover.
I mean it is pink, purple and has a crown on it.

Once I got it in the mail and started thumbing through it
I fell in love with it.
This book helps to reiterate the important things in life

Being a nice person
How to dress appropriately
How to behave at all times
Also, how to tell when you are being selfish.

My daughter loved reading this book
and telling me all the things in the book
that she already does.
I have seen my daughter pull this book out and show her friends.
telling them this is how God wants us to act.

You can buy the book here.

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