August 26, 2011

NC Trip

I know I have been home for a week 
now and am just going to post this
but I have been busy.
You know life of a SAHM kind of busy.
So yeah here are some of my pictures from
my trip.

 Still a little sun burnt from the race Daddy had run

 See how that sun burn turned right back to white skin?
 New picture of the bestie and me

I hope everyone is having a great Friday!
If you are in the path of this hurricane coming up the East coast
please listen to what is being told. 
I know we are headed to the store once all the children get up 
for extra water, milk and food. 
Just in case!
Looks like I am getting a tropical storm for my birthday!


  1. Great shots!
    Your son is very cute and handsome.

    Cass fromTeach Yourself To Play Guitar

  2. Cute photos! You're getting a great birthday present! Stay safe.

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