September 8, 2011

Heelys Review

Long ago are the days of regular skates.
Now there are shoes that ARE skates.
Heelys are a skate within a shoe.
We actually bought a pair of Heely's a few years ago
for Carter when she was only 6. 
Unfortunately she has her mothers balancing issues
and just couldn't get the hang of them.
When I saw the chance to give Heely's another try 
I was super excited since now that Carter is older she 
is better balanced. 
Here are the Heelys I chose for Carter.

See how they look like regular tennis shoes?

Flip them over and you get this...

There is a place to pop out the cover for the wheels.
It even comes with a little tool to help do that.
Thanks Heelys for that otherwise I would have used my trusty
standby the butter knife.
Anyway, you just pop out that hole cover and pop in
the wheels and you have Heelys. 

If you have never used Heelys before or your child has not 
but you think they would be great to try out there is an 
excellent video on the Heelys website that shows you 
how to use your Heelys.

*I received a pair of Heelys to try out in return for a review of the product. I was offered this from Business 2 Blogger. I was not asked for a positive review just a fair and honest one.

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  1. My 7 year old has been wanting a pair of these. Maybe in a few years... =)
    Following from the hop!