September 9, 2011

Open House Military Style

Last night I went to open house at 
Carters school and thought this will be quick and easy.
4 kids in tow I head up there only to find out that we are 
basically attending school.
We go through the 'morning meeting' like my daughter would do.
The teacher explains to us that we are going to introduce ourselves.
Easy enough right?
The first 4 people to go before me introduce themselves like this...

"Hi, my name is so and so and I am an officer in the (insert branch)"
No lie the first 4 people did this.
I kept thinking every time another one did that that's nice but who is your child?
My time came around and my introduction was more...

" Hi, my name is Kristen and I am a SAHM of "too many kids" ok really 4 and Carter is my daughter"
You would have thought I said something horrible.
I mean really it was a joke. 
If you can't laugh at yourself then it's sad.

I guess my issue is that I don't understand why rank has to be such an 
important part of your outside of work life?
I mean I totally get, I really do.
There has to be some boundaries but sitting in a 5th grade classroom
really just doesn't seem like one of those times. 
Why cant you just be "so and so's" dad/mom?
I also totally get that just because we are parents it is not all that defines us
but when you are at YOUR kids school then 
yes basically that is what it's about. 

OK, I am getting off my soap box now. 
Sorry for all you non-military that had to suffer through this.
Have a great weekend!


  1. You're not alone in this. I think it's really strange not to say who your kid is. Your at school, who your kid is pretty much is the whole point of being there. And I tell people all the time that I have too many kids and I only have three.

  2. Hi, My name is Amy and my husband is an officer in the____. Just kidding, but if and when I go to an open house at my son's school I'm imagining it would be fairly similar since we live just a few miles from base.
    I laughed when I read this though. Really? It's like they all thought they were there for show and tell. Ya, wanna see my rank? it's really cool!

  3. Oh, by the way, I'm following from the hop. I think your button code points to a different blog though. :)

  4. You know my thoughts on this! I can't stand it. Leave the military rank business at work. When you're in a social setting, state your government name! LOL! Ok, let me stop!