September 23, 2011

No longer a soccer mom

As much as I loved being a soccer mom 
to little Rosie.
(who has outgrown her soccer phase)
I have to say it is a lot more fun
to be a cross country mom to Carter.
(shh don't tell Rosie)

Carter ran her first cross country meet yesterday and did 
was amazingly good.
Now, I have known for some time that she is a runner.
I mean for goodness sakes the legs on that girl
are a mile long.
Not only the long legs but she has been running 5K's with her 
daddy for a while now. 
She is a seasoned runner.

Here are some pictures from yesterdays meet

She came in 14th overall with the girls race.
Not too bad for her first race.


  1. very cool! XC is a great sport for kids because it develops a life long love of running! way to go! laura

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  3. Love it! I wish I would have started when I was in school!

  4. I totally agree with you but don't tell my son who is an avid soccer player. The cross country meets are interesting and quicker too!

    I found you on the Lots of Lovin' Blog Hop 8 and I'm your new follower. Please follow back at

  5. That's great that your kids are into sports and activities. Mine are still toddlers, but my daugher played soccer tots and I plan to put her in t-ball this spring.
    New follower from the lots of lovin' blog hop! :)

  6. Hi there, new to your site from So Followed Saturday blog hop.
    That's great your daughter loves to run, I wish my son felt the same way. Does she have any tips I can give my first time runner who is constantly wanting to throw in the towel? What I tell him doesn't sink in, maybe he will listen to a fellow runner.
    Come visit my blog sometime. :)