October 3, 2011

How was YOUR weekend?

Hopefully a lot better than mine.
Late Friday afternoon I began to 
really feel tired and sick.
In fact I was in bed by 730 and slept mostly all night.

Saturday I was miserable all day even 
while taking these

I wish I had the night time pills as well
so that I could just have been on one medication this weekend.
I spent most of the weekend freezing
wrapped up in a blanket on my couch.
When I did get a small burst of energy I washed clothes, fed my kids 
and made sure they were all behaving. 
Saturday night I took this and could as the commercial says
'get the best sleep medicine'

So hooray for cold and soon to be flu season.
Looks like this is my year to get sick.
It tends to happen every 2 or 3 years.
Although last time I thought I had the flu I was 
preggo with baby Hulk.
Good thing I know that is not the case this time.

Here is hoping your weekend was better than mine
 and to a great week ahead.
The hubby comes home and Carter has 2 cross country meets this week.

I have a very exciting giveaway sponsored by a good friend of mine
who is just beginning her Scentsy business. 
So come back later this week for that announcement. 
She is being very generous.


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  2. Hope you're feeling better now! Hi! New follower! Thanks for hosting the hop! I hope you'll come by my blog and follow back! Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  3. Your weekend looks like it was filled with the same fun as ours. Hope you feel better soon!

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