October 4, 2011

Scentsy Review and Giveaway

I love candles.
I mean I really love candles and I am normally a 
Yankee Candle snob.
My good friend turned me onto Scentsy a few months ago.
I love her for it because they are absolutely fabulous.
The thing I love the most about them besides 
the many wonderful scents is that 
Scentsy candles do not get hot.
Believe me I know too.
Kelsey my friend and now Scentsy consultant gave me
 a plug in warmer to review along with some samples
to test out.
Well silly me thought that if it was hid conspicuously enough
then baby Hulk would not be able to find it.
Not only did he find it but when I found him he was splashing in
the melted candle. 
I freaked out thinking oh gosh he's going to burn himself.
I grabbed him up spilled some on me and realized it wasn't even hot.
LOVE LOVE that it makes my entire house smell 
and it is safe for my busy body boy who gets into everything.
(for the grandparents who just read this and freaked a little
the said plug in candle warmer is now high and out out of his reach)

Not only does Scentsy have amazing scents but there 
warmers are pretty cute as well.
and look how cute this Christmas one is...
They also have the above mentioned 
plug in warmers

Since Kelsey just began her Scentsy career she has
graciously offered one of my readers 
a Plug-in of their choice as well a Scent bar of their choice.
A retail value of $25.
I am currently hosting a Kelsey's first show and would love to help
welcome her into the Scentsy world with big support.
If you purchase something from Kelsey before Friday October 7th
you will get 5 bonus entries into the giveaway.
Now is a great time to stock up on holiday scents and gifts.
Go here to have a look around.


  1. christmas santa and cinnamon bar!


  2. I would choose the weave scarlett plug-in scentsy warmer and the pumpkin roll bar

    amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

  3. Boho chic and the pumpkin roll would lookgreat and make me hungry!

  4. Wanted to let you know I just passed on The Versatile Blogger Award to YOU! Check out the post @ http://pargasjunkyard.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/two-awards-in-two-days-wow

  5. I'd get the Fright Night Plug-In Scentsy Warmer and the Black Ruby fragrance.

  6. I'd get Jane - very vintage looking! and vanilla

  7. Roma Full-Size Scentsy Warmer with baked apple bar

  8. I like the new Jane warmer with a Vanilla
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  9. I think I'd choose either Charity or Silent Night. And Pumpkin Roll.

  10. Awesome... I would like the Rustic Star Plug-In & probably go with baked apple pie!

  11. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the fright night plug in, and the pumpkin marshmallow bar!!! YUMMY!!!