December 6, 2011

DIY Christmas Glitter Trees

I was walking through Target a few weeks ago
and saw these great glitter cone trees.
They were just what I needed for on
top of my entertainment center.
But for $19.99 a pop I was not buying them.
Then while on pintrest (I love that site)
I saw some DIY ones that were just like Targets.
Off to Michaels I went and bought
3 paper mache cones and red and green glitter.
I already had the modge podge I needed.

I of course forgot to take pictures of the supplies
but all I did was paint the modge podge onto the cones
and sprinkle glitter on before it dried. 
I made three.
2 green ones and a red one. 
Here are my DIY version of glitter trees.

They look great sitting on my 
entertainment center too. Just the right amount of

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