December 5, 2011

Oral B Stages and Crest & Oral B Pro-heath For Me sponsored by Mommy Parties

We recently hosted a party sponsored by 
Mommy Parties for all our friends. 
Boy were all the kids excited to watch
Cars 2, eat some popcorn and get some really
cool toothbrushes and other goodies.

Thanks to Oral B Stages and Oral B and Crest Pro-Heath Just for Me
I got to cater my party to kids of all ages. 
The younger kids got to enjoy the cute toothbrushes with
Disney Princess's on them and the easy to use tooth picks.
As well as the Cars 2 sample vitamin gummy.

For the older kids they loved getting the Pro-Heath Just for Me 
toothbrushes, floss pick and mouth wash.
Just for good measure I threw in a few vitamin samples.

All of the kids enjoyed watching Cars 2 and sitting around eating popcorn.
*Spoiler if you haven't watch it yet*
The kids enjoyed throwing popcorn into the air and yelling 
Mater is the Bomb! 

Overall the day was enjoyed by all. 
Of course my camera was dead and I didn't think about
using my cell until everyone left.
Thank you to Oral B, Crest and Mommy Parties!

*I was sent the above mentioned items for review purposes.

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