March 5, 2012

The Hunger Games out March 23rd

Are you ready for this movie?
I know I am. 
 I have read the books, I have watched all the previews
I have even watched Taylor Swifts music video a few hundred times.
Here it is for any of you fans who haven't seen it...

In this weeks Entertainment Weekly they have a great
preview for all Hunger Games lovers.
If you haven't read it you most certainly should.
Thankfully I have a friend who passes hers down to me once
she is finished reading them.
Although I am surprised she gave me this particular one.

My question for all you Hunger Games fans out there...
Peeta or Gale?

Don't forget Hunger Games comes out March 23rd.
Only 18 more days!


  1. OMG I freaking love this whole trilogy!!! Got threw the whole thing in a matter of four days and I wish I never had to leave!! SSOOOOOO TEAM PEETA!!! I had a soft spot cause he is a baker and I met my "hubby" working in a bakery as teens lol!!