March 2, 2012


When did this happen? 

Where did February go?

I know we spent almost 2 weeks of it
down south but this year is flying by.
Blog post coming from our trip down south soon.
We left a nice 75 degree weather where I could wear
my TOMS all day and night to come home
to having to throw on snow boots just to walk the puppy.
Oh the joys of the unpredictable New England weather.
Hardly any snow and then March comes and wham
a small blizzard. 
Ok, not really a blizzard but more snow 
than we've had since October.
Well, at least the kids had fun playing in it yesterday evening.

Here's what is going on in our busy lives.
Can't you tell it's busy I barely have time to blog anymore.
This going back to school thing for me is harder than I thought
or at least more time consuming. 

This month hopefully will not be as busy.
The hubby is having surgery on his knee this afternoon.
*Prayers for him please.
I end another course next week just to begin another one the next day.
Our 9th anniversary is this month.
The Hunger Games comes out the 23rd and I cant wait.
Getting ready for Ninja's 5th birthday next month.
5 already?!?! 
How did THAT happen?

Ok, so I'll quit my ramblings and go finish unpacking.
Next week I promise to have some cool family updates
with pictures for my actual family that reads this blog still.
I have some giveaways coming up too that are pretty cool.

Thanks to you all who are still here with me.

Oh yeah last week was my 2 year blogiversary!
WOW 2 whole years.
Happy Friday to you all!
See you next week.
I pinky promise.

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