June 4, 2012

June Already?!?

June just began and for us it is 
packed full of things going on. 
July will be here before we blink as busy as we are going to be.

I leave tomorrow morning for TWIN Camp 
in California for all things Toyota.
My parents will be here Saturday morning bright and early.
Which means 5 packed days of sightseeing and going. 
Ninja graduates preschool next week.
Father's Day is right around the corner.
The hubby is going to be gone the week after father's day
for work in New Orleans.
Leaving me with last day of school events. 

After all of that I will have about 5 days of June with nothing happening
and the entire family being in one spot. 
We have a lot of fun things going on this summer
and I can't wait for it all to begin.

Rosie and Ninja will be with the in-laws in July until 
I go down in late July through mid-August.
Which will mean a drive down the east coast.
I'll get to see my bestie in August for a few days.
Seeing lots of family while I am in Georgia will be nice.
Once I get back to Mass we have "old" Marine friends 
moving to the base which will be lots of fun. 
My dirty thirty is coming up at the end of August too. 
Lots and lots of fun family things going on
not to mention exciting things with the blog!

Have a great June and maybe yours wont go as quickly as mine. 
Oh and if you need something fun to do 
how about trying out the June Photo A Day challenge

You can catch all my photo a day shots on 
instagram @kriswhite12

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  1. What a busy summer! It sounds like a lot of fun!