July 25, 2012

Snipe Hunt.. (Game Review)

An indoor, outdoor hide and seek game.

When I was asked about reviewing an interactive 
hide and seek game
I was thrilled. 
My kids spend hours upon hours outside and LOVE to
play hide and seek. 

When I got the game in the mail all the kids wanted to try 
it out. 
My kids love to play hide and seek at night so I knew just
when we would break out the Snipes.

The box is fun too because it claims 
'live' animals are in the box. 
My kids were believing that for a minute or two. 
We teamed up boys against girls and began the game.
The boys hid the snipes first so the girls could find them.

Little Hulk hid his Snipe pretty easy and Ninja got a little more
creative hiding it on the wall under the gutter pipe. 
The kids all had fun hiding and then being the Seeker finding the Snipes.
Definitely a game we will play often. 

You can buy the Snipe Hunt Game from 
Education Outdoors for $24.99.
 The only negative thing I can say about the Snipes are 
that they are a tad creepy.
If you forget to turn them off like I did and then are going about your
business in your house they randomly make squealing noises.
Which is you are a chicken at all like me
will scare you to death. 

*Disclosure: I was sent this product for review purposes. I was not paid for my review nor was I asked for a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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