August 15, 2012

No Matter What

I can not believe we have been 
in Georgia for almost
3 weeks now. 
Last weekend since the traveling 23 hours
just shortly before wasn't enough
I drove back up to North Carolina
(8 more hours)
to go see this woman...

She was totally worth the drive!
It has been a year since I saw this lovely lady
and let me tell you we fit back together like we
haven't been apart at all. 
We've been besties now for 8 years thanks to
her husband coming over to see if we 
"were normal people"
while she peaked around the corner from across the street.

I am SO thankful that we fooled them into thinking
we are normal.
HAHA tricked you! 
Our middle children
 my Rosie and her E are
contract promised to each other.
We got pregnant and had our 5 year old boys
within weeks of each other.
We are basically sisters. 
She has my back and I have hers. 
If I ever need to bury a body she's who I'm calling...

I was at her house for 4 very short, busy, long days. 
We had lots of laughs, did a lot of shopping, 
had her husband's world famous enchiladas and cinnamon rolls
that I will be working off this week. 
Had our bestie tattoos done.
I got my annual haircut and even convinced her to dye 
my hair with purple streaks. 

We are besties in every dorky sense of the word.
Look at our bestie collage with all our super cool 
bestie matching items...
Oh yes that is matching...
-Banana BFF socks
-Super Hero coffee cups
-Bestie Bangles
- #TEAMGETSOME  tshirts
- 'No Matter What' tattoos

Not pictured is our matching outfit.
You know cause we are 12!
Here's a good shot of my newest ink...
Yes, that is 2 in less than a months time.
This one didn't hurt nearly as bad as the first one. 

I love you more than words could ever express.
Thank you for being my very best friend.
I will be here for you forever
No Matter What!

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  1. CRYFEST. Ily and this post made me weep. I love you and miss you more. My SOULMATE.