October 30, 2012

A Monster Story

Tonight at dinner little Hulk was telling
the most interesting/hilarious
I HAD to record him as he told it.
Here is his story in his words.
Try hard not to laugh!

The treasure map belongs to me.
Then I found a different map and hid it. The pirate hid it.
I need a shovel to dig the dirt. I found a golden shovel.
Then the monster cut my hands off and the monster got to my house.
The monster went upstairs and he was playing upstairs with my toys.
He was being a bad boy upstairs.
Then I finished all my homework and the monster followed me for doing homework.
Then the monster opened my door , then I closed my door.
Then I locked my door.
The he went outside to get in his house.  The monster got in his castle.
The robot shut his door. No, the monster shut the robots door castle.
The monster got all the way up to that.
Then the robot was up there.
The robot is playing up there.
The robot needs to go to the monster castle. The robot castle belongs to the robot. The monster castle belongs to the roooobooott. 
 I need a big monster castle.
Ghosts go in the ghost castle.
Moooo cows go in the monster castle.
Sometimes the creature goes to the monster castle.
The creatures go outside and sometimes they knock on our door.
They want candy.
I’m not giving the creatures any of my candy.
Neaon is going to give the creatures his candy.
I will give them some of my candy and then they will be happy,.
The creatures need a lot.
The creatures need to knock on the door so much.
Then the creatures knock on this table. 
The creatures eat at the creature castle
I want to go to the creature castle
I am going to drive to the creature castle
I need a small car.
NO I need a big car to drive.
I need a huge one.
As big as your head.
The monster need a brand new car
He need a ghost car. 
 The End!
We need to walk to the end and dig the dirt and we need to open
The treasure chest and there’s no gold in there.
Then we need to hide the treasure chest so the pirate won’t  get  them
 then we need to lock the treasure chest.
Then we need to sit down on the creatures couch.
Then we watch tv on the creatures couch.
Then we need to watch the creatures eat.
They eat food.
I’m not going to eat carrots.
The mooo’s like carrots.
No, um the cows likes them
The horse loves them.
I’m reading the treasure map! 

Seriously how could I not share this little treasure
with all of you?!?!
I wish the pictures showed more of his
excitement and expressions.
I can't believe he will be 3 in 12 days! 

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