October 31, 2012

R.L. Stein's The Haunting Hour #teamgrampire

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I can remember growing up reading R.L. Stein's 
Goosebump book series.
It is no secret that I scare easily so those books
always scared me, yet I kept reading them.
So when I saw an opportunity to involve my kids
with anything from R. L. Stein I was on board.

Last weekend I had a slumber haunting party of sorts.,
sponsored by Mommy Parties and The HUB
Both girls invited a few friends over each 
and we got into the Halloween spirit.
We watched R.L. Stein's Grampire 1 & 2 on DVD. 

Grampire follows the story of two kids who go to visit their grandfather
only to realize he is a vampire.
  Not only is grandpa a vampire or 'Grampire' as his granddaughter
calls him but so are all of his neighbors!
The episode comes to a dramatic end at 
the town Bingo night with all the vampires in attendance. 

All of the kids took home super cute
Team Grampire items including:

A Team Grampire T-Shirt
Glow-In-The Dark Vampire teeth
HUB slap braclet
I Brake for Grampires bumper sticker!

All the kids loved the episodes and watched them 
over and over again!
I've seen the Team Grampire shirts a few times around the school
and in the neighborhood. 
In fact Carter and her friend wore their shirts today in honor of 
Find more information out about the Haunting Hour.

*I was provided with the supplies for this party by Mom Select, MommyParties. No other compensation was provided.

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