November 1, 2012

Our Trick or Treat Adventures

I dislike Halloween.
I mean I really dislike Halloween. 
I absolutely hate to be scared or startled.
So obviously a holiday for doing just that and I 
do not get along.
To the point of one year I was convinced I could go
to a haunted house in Kansas City.
We bought the expensive tickets $80 each
got a babysitter and went downtown. 
The closer I got the more panicked I got.
We ended up selling both our tickets for like $20. 

While, I don't participate in the scary parts of Halloween,
I do participate in the fun parts.
Like pumpkins picking, pumpkin carving
and of course trick or treating.
Although I dare older kids in scary creepy costumes to
try and scare my children. 

Anyway, Tuesday night we carved our pumpkins.
 Ninja had very little to do with the 
cleaning out of his pumpkin. 
 She was grossed out but did manage to 
clean out her entire pumpkin.
Cleaning out her brothers pumpkin for him.
What a great big sister.
 This boy made me carve his baby pumpkin.
The family of pumpkins...

Yesterday my little adorable children transformed into
these super heros, murderous clown and zombie.
 Carter stayed home this year to pass out candy
and scare older kids.
While we took the younger three out 
trick or treating...
 Remember when I said I don't like to be started or scared?
The guy in the white was so still the kids
walked right by him time after time.
He scared Rosie and her friend M.
Then I took Carter over to get the candy and he
scared her as well.

I hope you all had a very happy
and scary if you like that sort of thing
or non-scary Halloween!

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  1. Haha...sounds like we share a similar attitude towards Halloween! I love the little kid stuff, but the scary stuff is not for me!