November 11, 2012

Happy Verteran's Day! #ThankaVet

This year for Veteran's Day I want to
celebrate and thank all the Veteran's from our family
as well as the many friends we know.
Not to forget the many we do not know
and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

Take a minute out of your day today to 
Thank a Veteran for all they do 
to keep the United States the greatest country
in the world! 

I want to start off with my husband
who is not only self sacrificing but is one heck of a Marine!
Just being at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball
with him last night hearing his
junior Marines talk about him shows that.

I as well as my hubby come from a long line of
military members.
Michael Hammond II USAF
Christopher Hammond US Marine Corps
Harold Hammond US Air Force Vietnam War
Michael Hammond US Army
Pam Hammond US Army Desert Storm
Marshall Hodges- Navy Seabee World War II served from Sept.1942 discharged Nov 5, 1945.
Marvin Hodges- Air Force World War II, Korean War, discharged Nov 5, 1945
Thomas Hodges, US Navy WWII, Korean, Vietnam. Retired 1966.
Willie Carl Jones, WWII, Korean, Vietnam.
Nathan Hodges served short time in WWI
Haywood Hodges WWI
Daniel Matthew Hodges WWI
Robert Eugene Hodges US Navy WWII
James "Jim" Calhoun Hodges Served WWII
Sam Barton US Army Korean War
My grandfather John Nealon Feazell
United States Army Korean War Vet
C.H. Enfinger US Army
Donald Enfinger US Army
Leon Enfinger  US Army
Rhannon Elise Enfinger  Air Force
Jake Welch  Vietnam war
Henry Welch  US Marines Corps Desert Storm
J.B. Infinger  US Army
 Warren Desso White- Army WW II
Roy White  US Army
 Harry White  US Army
 Bobby White US Army
Along with the long list of family above we have numerous friends
and like family around many different branches 
of the Armed Forces. 
A huge thank you to all of them as well
as the EVERY Veteran.
Our country is the best country in the world
because of the sacrifices of these men and women.
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