November 8, 2012

First Semi-Snow Fall

Yesterday afternoon the kiddos
got a treat from Mother Nature.
It started snowing and of course my
snow loving outdoorsy kids 
just HAD to get on their snow clothes
and get out in it!

Me, not so much. 
I love snow.
I really do. 
It was one of the many reasons I
wanted to get stationed here
in Boston. 
I do NOT like having to be in the snow. 
Never have.
It's cold, wet and did I mention cold?!?

Either way I did what any good Mom
does and suited up the kiddos to head out 
to play in the mere inches of snow. 
And I got a few cute pictures while I was at it. 

I am freezing out here!

 What about you, do you like the snow?
Do you go out and act like a kid?
Have you had your first snowfall yet?
Or for you poor people with temps still in the
80's what's your temperature outside today?

1 comment:

  1. Wow! We're those that still have temps in the 80's. Enjoy!! :)