December 19, 2012

#26Acts of Kindness

Last Friday everyone of us was 
touched , moved, horrified, angered and 
downright sad about the tragic events that 
took place in Newtown, Connecticut.
Sandy Hook Elementary and the images 
from that day will never leave any of us. 

My Ninja is a kindergartener and all I could
do that day was to think those 
kids are his age. 
All of my children have gotten a few more
hugs and kisses.

There has been enough bad in our lives right now.
It is time that we stand up and begin to 
do something kind.
A movement has been started and I fully intend to 
The #26Acts of Kindness has begun. 

Image via Google

It can be a simple as 
a smile to a stranger
buying the person beside you's coffee
or lunch
paying off someone's layaway
leaving a gift card on a car window 

My only hope is that once I am finished with my 
#26Acts of Kindness 
that I will continue to spread the message of
good and hope in people.



  1. I know what you mean about the extra hugs and kisses. I can't stop looking at them and grabbing them for one more hug.

  2. You spread more than that already girl, you have plenty of times with me.