December 11, 2012

Christmas Spirit

When you are moving during the holidays
it is hard to get into the spirit. 
Normally by now I have had my 
trees up for weeks, the entire house is decorated.
I have already made a bunch of cookies.
Gifts are wrapped and some are even under the tree.
Christmas cards have long since gone out. 

This year with the move not so much. 
Our rotation has always been during the holidays.
And every time it sucks. 
I am a Christmas person. 
This year I feel more like Scrooge. 
Don't get me wrong I still love the lights others
have put up
(well most of them)
and I have moved our little elves around to keep the
magic alive.

I also KNOW the real meaning of Christmas
and that lights and Santa and trees are NOT it. 
But they are part of the overall spirit of 
Christmas to me. 

This weekend last minute I decided to go check 
So we loaded up the kids and head over.
 The kids had a blast and loved the lights.
There was hot chocolate and cider doughnuts.
Santa and the Grinch were there.
As well as many other holiday "figures".
Our tour guide on the lighted hayride was Scrooge himself.

 Of course becasue New England is having unseasonably
warmer weather there isn't any snow for the skiers.
So Nashoba Valley makes their own.
Which meant the kids ran through it like crazy little people.

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