December 5, 2012

Bad Mommy Moment

We all have them. 
Our not so proud Mommy moments.
Whether we admit them or not
we have all done something that made you
feel about an inch high right after you
said it or did it. 

With 4 kids I have them more often than I'll
actually admit too. 
Yesterday I had one of my first but not my last
with my 'baby' 3 year old. 

I was having a FaceTime conversation with my
bestie and as our conversation was ending I
heard the little man upstairs in the bathroom
with the water on.
Now, I know that means he is probably flooding the sink.
I'm ok with that at that moment. 

When I got off my FaceTime chat I went 
upstairs to assess the damage.
Only to find this...

Not only was he playing ion the water
but he was also pouring all the shampoo
I just bought onto the sink and counter.
Did I mention that he TP'd my upstairs as well?
Yeah, well he did. 

While I am cleaning all this up,
I put him into the tub to rinse off.
Then realize what time it is and that I have an
appointment at the middle school in an hour.
I go off to get dressed only to hear
blood curdling screams from him.
I run into the hall to find him standing there covered in bubbles,
soap and rubbing his eyes all while screaming.

This child has dumped his sisters body wash 
on his head and the soap is now 
burning his eyes.
I grab him up run him to my bathroom
to rinse him off. 
He is yelling at me to stop because it burns
his eyeballs.
 AND ready for my proud Mommy moment....
I'm hysterically yelling back at him

"You should have listened to me when I said not to
dump out the soaps. I hope you got a good look at me 
this morning, since you might never see me again"
Oh yeah!

When I finally got all the soap out of his now bloodshot eyes
and grabbed him out of the tub, 
my Mommy guilt kicked in.
I cradled my poor 3 year old and softly rubbed his eyes.
He finally told me 
"Ok Mommy they are all better. Lets get dressed and go"
Just like that he was fine! 

What are your worst Mommy moments?


  1. Ahhh yes, you are right we all have them. My worst just happened on Friday. My oldest is a drama queen, it's what I love about her but everything is so much worse than it is.

    Soccer began Friday evening and she wasn't put on the team she wanted. She began complaining about her stomach hurting. I was SURE it was because she was mad about the team and what not, so I told her fine, let's pack it up and quit soccer before it has even begun. She was upset and told me that her stomach really hurt. I told her to suck it up and get out there.

    On the way home she threw up and was sick with the flu all weekend and just went back to school today :(

    1. Oh your poor daughter. I have one of those drama queens as well. Sometimes you just can't tell if they are being serious or dramatic.