December 1, 2012

The Littlest Pet Shop now on The Hub!

If you have daughters at home ages 4 and up
you probably already know all about 
The Littlest Pet Shop.
At the very least you have seen them in stores. 
The super adorable toys have now come to life
in their very own show on The Hub.

When Blythe happens  to move in right above The Littlest Pet Shop she is surprised to find out that Blythe can understand the animals in the LPS. Naturally Blythe is worried that she is hearing things.  When Blythe finds out that she is the only one that can hear and HELP the LP when The Littlest Pet Shop is closing.  Blythe comes to the rescue of the LP and helps save the day. 

The Littlest Pet Shop is on The Hub every Saturday at 11 am EST.

My daughter and her friend thought the premiere episodes 
were amazing and ever since watching them 
are ready every Saturday to watch the newest episode. 

You can watch full episodes online of 

*I was selected by MomSelect to host The Littlest Pet Shop and my opinions in this post are honest and my own.

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