September 7, 2010

Dawgs... oh yeah I said it..

So in my post of everything fall that I love I totally forgot to mention one of my favorite things about fall College Football. I love it! I know most women are just like whatever which is how I am about the NFL (don't get me wrong I'll watch it too) but there is just something about watching college football. It is still fun for them. Yeah some of them are getting paid and getting things illegally I might add but for the majority of them it is just plain fun. I have my favorite team but I will watch any games. Saturday night I watched the LSU Tigers against University of North Carolina. The game was great at the end. I am of course all about UNC winning just because my parents are freaking out that LSU might actually loose. They are BIG LSU fans and they almost lost that game at the end with dumb mistakes. I thought my dad was gonna have a small heart attack. When they did win I thought I was going to pee myself laughing at my mom and dad doing a chest pound together. This year there will be no real rival for me and my parents as our teams don't play each other. So there will be none of this for us this year minus my preggo belly...

On the other hand there will be the every year rival game for me and my husband this year. Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate is the nickname for the collage rivalry between the Ga Tech Yellow Jackets and the Georgia Bulldogs. Or in our house the game of the year. Whoever looses has to hear about it until next year. You know kind of like this... how them DAWGS beat those Jackets last year 30-24!! We even have the flag up already even though our rivalry game is not until November 27th. Joey has it Ga Tech side on top since he thinks they are better. Even though I like it this way a lot better!

So here it is football season has begun and I am so happy about it. Ask me on Saturday during Madison's birthday party how happy I am about it and I may sing a different tune. But the poor girl was born right at the beginning of the season. There is a game on every year during her party. Like this week when both Ga Tech and Ga will be playing at 11am. GO DAWGS!!!

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