December 31, 2010

Happy End of 2010

Are you ready to dive head first into 2011? 
I know I am.
I am ready to get on the road early next week and start the long drive to Massachusetts.
I am ready to get into our new house there,
get the girls ready to start school.
I am ready to unpack the boxes they packed and decorate the new house.

I am really ready to begin working again.
Granted I will be working in my house but I will be working again.
I am ready to finally go back to school to get my degree.

With that I will now document my "New Years Resolutions"...

Now, I know that most people do not follow through with these that is why I am posting them here.
I am making you all accountable for reminding me.
Not really but when I look through my "old" posts and see this one I will be reminded. :)

My plans for 2011:

Start my in-home daycare back up
Start school with hopes of finishing before we leave Mass
Find us a good church to attend
Hopefully find me a MOPS group close by
Be a kinder mom to my kids
Be a kinder wife to my husband
Be a better person in general
Explore the area where we live
Go skiing or something of that nature
Take in a Red Socks game
Freeze at a Patriots game (which will probably be while watching them play the Dolphins)
Have more family time
Read some of the classics
Remember my 365 Devotional

As you can see I have a list of things to do this year. 
I do not have the normal loose weight, stop biting my nails crap...
It will not happen so why waste my time. 
I already know I need to stop biting my nails and I know I need to tone up my baby stretched skin.
Why waste that as a "resolution"?

So what are your New Years Resolutions or hopes and dreams for 2011?
Are any of you in NYC to watch the ball drop? 
One day... I will get to see that. 
So for now hope you each have a safe and fun filled New Years Eve...

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