January 15, 2011

Our trip Up I-95

We left Georgia headed for Massachusetts around 420 in the morning on a Tuesday 
and got to Massachusetts around 530 in the afternoon on Wednesday.
I mean we basically flew here right?!
Well, looking back on the trip yeah that is what it seems like.
With four kids and us in the can plus us pulling the hubby's truck we should have taken at least another day or longer. Not us though we are overachievers and just HAD to do it in under 2 days.
That trip was the longest I have ever been on. 
It started out good the kids went back to sleep right away and slept almost until the 
South Carolina line here

Of course we used to live in Savannah and got married right across the Georgia/South Carolina line so we had to show the kids. 
Or in our case point off the interstate and say we got married down there at the courthouse. :)

Everything was going great all the way through South Carolina and then the signs started...
If you have ever driven up I-95 through South Carolina to North Carolina then you've seen them too.
is this little/huge attraction right as you cross the state lines between the Carolina's.
You can't miss the place since it is so big not to mention all the billboards that lead up to it. 
Thankfully for us the kids that would have insisted on stopping were napping again or too involved with watching a movie to notice this...
which was also a good thing since I swear the place was closed that day!

Not long into North Carolina we stopped for gas and food. 
Of course when you ask kids where they want to eat all you ever hear is McDonald's.
I think it is just an unfortunate rule that you HAVE to eat McDonald's when you are on a road trip with kids.
When we got our of the van I snapped this little picture of my kiddos...
They were all SO happy to be out of the van for a little while.

Not long after eating lunch and getting back on the road did we have our first mishap with the dvd players.
One of them was not staying shut according to the player. 
So I did what any normal mother would do. 
I taped it shut! 
It worked then and on we went.
Later that afternoon the kids are telling me the dvd player is not working again. 
Well, of course it just quit on us. 
Just our luck the sure thing to keep them busy as we head into the rush hour traffic in Washington DC and it quits working!
After almost an hour in barely moving traffic and kids getting very done riding for the day we made it into Maryland and stopped in Baltimore for the night.
When we woke up the next morning and went to our van the pond we parked next too was frozen over.
Oh it was starting to get cold now!
We filled up the van with gas filled the kids tummies with McDonald's for breakfast and some Starbucks for Mommy and Daddy and hit the road again.

We were making great time. Our GPS said we'd be there around 230 in the afternoon.
Not bad, this is going great. We'll be through NYC around lunch so the traffic will be ok since they'll be at work. 
Ummmm.... yeah NOT so much!
I honestly thought I was going to die of a panic attack in NYC. 
First off I hate bridges and had to cross this...
Next I really dislike traffic jams where you can barely move since you have a semi on both sides of you. 
Well, this topped the cake as I sit on a bridge praying that I'd make it OUT of NYC...
I know I know what you are thinking...
Big city girl wants to go and do all this stuff in NYC remember this post?
Well luckily for me there is a train that goes from Boston to NYC.
And since you cant really drive around the downtown area of NYC anyway I'll be more than happy to make a weekend trip of NYC and take the train!
Since I can't wait to see all this up close and personal...

Now of course at this point we are coming through NYC around 1 since we had to stop and eat some Nathan's Famous hot dogs along the way and get gas and let kids go potty.
Plus then another hour or so of traffic on the bridge put us further behind.
About 430 we came across this lovely sight...
Pardon the blurriness. My flash hit the side mirror but it says...
Massachusetts Welcomes You
After we get on base and to the hotel we are staying at we get something to eat and come back just in time to watch a little TV before we fall asleep. 
It was a LOOONG drive and we are worn out!

The next morning while getting the kids dressed I looked out the window at the scenery and saw one of the fattest squirrels I have ever seen...
 I mean really they are fed WELL around here!
We got our new house that Friday and our stuff got here this past Monday.
On Wednesday we got our first taste of Northeastern living with the snow storm that blew through here.

Over all our first week here in Massachusetts has been great!
We have met a couple of our neighbors and had a very friendly offer of having us over last Sunday for pizza and some get to know you talk.
We will have to return the favor to them very soon.
I think we are going to like it here.


  1. Yah! I've been on that road many-a-times! I'm glad you made it safe and sound and you like your new place! Are you still in box heaven right now? I am! I have sooo much to do yet...but we finally have internet! Woot woot!

    Good luck girlie! Have fun exploring your new area!

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