January 3, 2011

The real fun begins...

So after spending the last 2 days in bed barely moving with a pulled muscle in my neck, shoulder and back. Not to mention barely moving today but at least being some mobile.
The fun begins tomorrow at 4am.
We will load up the kiddos and ourselves to begin the
drive up to Massachusetts.
If everything goes well (and boy do I hope it does) we should be there on Wednesday evening.
Thursday at 3 we have the appointment to accept our new house
then next Monday we will get our household goods.
The girls will be enrolled in school either Thursday or Friday and ready to start Monday.
If we are lucky the snow that is coming in will continue to be forcasted for Friday and Saturday and
NO earlier.

We have all the Christmas presents packed into the truck.
All the clothes packed into suitcases.
All the snacks, drinks, extra clothes, diapers etc
packed and ready to go.
The jackets, extra blankets, hats, scarves and gloves are all ready to be worn.

All that is left to do is finish washing a few items and get them packed in the family overnight bag.
Here's praying we all survive our very first "big" move as a larger family.

To our family and friends that read our blog
we will miss you all very much.
Keep reading for many many more exciting
 adventures and lots of pictures.

I will try to blog from the road if possible otherwise I'll "see" you all next week after I get my computer back up and running!
Here's to new adventures!

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  1. Have a safe trip and good luck on your new adventure!