November 12, 2011

Misc Pictures

The last week flew by. 
I mean I really feel like it flew by.
One second my mom and dad were here visiting and
then the next they were gone.
Here are some of the random photos I took 
while they were here.

 The 50 balloons that helped wake up my 
mother on her 50th birthday last Sunday.
(Thanks to my neighbors for helping blow up the balloons)

 About to freak out when the kids started throwing balloons at her.

Gorgeous buildings on our long lost walk around 
downtown Boston.

 The kiddos needing a walking break

 Hulk with his Poppy

 Remember all those apples I had back in September?
Well, we made a pie with a jar of my apple pie filling.
It was delish!

Did I mention that in the middle of all the crazy busy week
that my parents were here I started back to school?!?!
College student right here! 
Sorry I feel the need to brag some since I have been saying for
years I need to go back and just don't.
So if any of you are thinking about going back to school
Ashford University is a great choice
for an online school.
(wink wink)

 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Remember to sign up for my 
Christmas Gift Exchange.
Sign ups end on Tuesday 11-15-11


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  2. Oh my! What a wonderful way to wake your mother. I should do that for birthdays around here!

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