May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed 
Memorial Day. 
Thank you to all who currently serve or have served in the past.
This list will be missing many I am sure...

My husband Joseph White USMC
John Feazell Army (deceased)
Michael Hammond II USAF
Christopher Hammond USMC
Warren White Army (deceased)
Leon Enfinger Army
CH Enfinger Army
Mark Rumsey USMC
Jared Almand USMC (19, deceased)
Kim Holcomb USAF
Leodid Placensia USMC (22, deceased)
Alex Johnson Navy
Travis Enfinger Army
Ben Wade Coast Guard
Harold Hammond USAF
Michael Hammond I Army 

and the many many other military members that we have come in contact with
over the years. 
I have had the pleasure of living my entire life
as a military dependent in one way or another. 
There is a pride like no other watching our military men
and women while in uniform.
Not just today but everyday we should thank a memeber
of our armed services.

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