September 28, 2012

Why I am in no hurry to potty train...

Little Hulk turns 3 in a little over a month. 
I swear I just had that little boy. 
Everyone keeps asking him
why he doesn't pee on the big boy potty.
'Where are your big boy pants?'

To be honest with you while I do 
want to quit buying diapers,
I am not in any hurry for my
very last baby ever to 
be potty trained.

I wont stop him when he is ready
but I am not going to push him
to potty train either.
Honestly, for all I care he can learn the
week before he starts pre-k which 
because of that late November 
birthday will be in 2 more years. 
I mean they make size 7 diapers for a reason right?!?
I'm kidding. 

I know I can't make him stop growing
and I know one day he will 
stand in front of the potty and pee all
over the seat and floor.
But for right now, right this second
I am not forcing him. 

He is showing some signs.
He asks to go sometimes,
he just sits there though.
He strips off all his clothes daily.
It's like a little boy nudist colony around here.

When he is ready, he will be ready.
While, I might not be ready for my
baby boy to be a 'big boy'
I will be glad to put that diaper money
to another good use. 
For now I am happy with him
being Mommy's baby. 

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