October 4, 2012

Run Baby Run

Cross country has started back up
for Carter and honestly she is

Seriously I mean I encourage her
'yell' at her 
to keep going, don't slow down,
keep up your pace.
When in all honesty if I had to get up
and run those 1.9 or 2.1 miles
with her she would leave me in the dust.

She runs her little heart out and does it in
right under 13 minutes.
Seriously it takes me 45 to get my 3 miles done 
every morning. 

She runs in the rain and cold without
the first complaint. 
I run on my treadmill and when it's 
gloomy out I am quick to use that as 
an excuse not to run today. 

I love going out to watch her, her friends
and the other kids run their hearts out.
At the meet on Tuesday I also saw something
that made me smile.

One of the boys from the other team was behind 
 and 2 of our girls went to find him.
They helped him finish with words
of encouragement.
It was a wonderful show of 
support and ultimate teamwork even for 
the other team. 

I am very proud of the 
Hanscom Falcons Cross Country Team.

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