January 26, 2013

North Carolina Bucket List

With every new place we go I try to 
make the best of the area and enjoy
all that it has to offer.
Our new home in North Carolina will be no exception. 

I have already begun thinking about things that should go onto our 
North Carolina bucket list...

Battleship USS North Carolina
Go to 1 of or all 4 of the North Carolina Aquariums
A visit to Bear Island 
Shrimp Festival in Sneads Ferry  
Walking around downtown Wilmington

This is just my very small could do in about a months
time wish list.
What about all of you military wives who have lived in 
this area of North Carolina?
What did you do to entertain your kids?
What about in Raleigh or Charlotte?    
How about local festivals?

January 14, 2013

Happy uh New Year!!

Ok so yeah I know it is January 13th
but I have a valid excuse...
We moved during the Christmas holidays
and I am just getting back into a routine. 

I mean seriously do you know how hard it is to move
in between school breaks with 3 kids in school?
We had a lovely vacation down in Georgia with family
before heading up to our temporary home
in North Carolina.

North Carolina is not temporary but where we live is. 
LONG story but for now we are island living 
by the beach until mid May. 

These last few weeks have been spent getting the kids
into their new routines.
I mean Ninja and Rosie have to be up at 630
and out the door at 7.
Yeah that's super early for kids who were
 getting up at 7 to be at school by 8. 
Carter is in a real middle school now and has more 
time to play with in the mornings. 
And baby  toddler Hulk has officially
potty trained. 
Well at least during the day and nap time. 
And well minus the pooping bit. 
All in good time folks!

I am back in school after my holiday break and J
is off in a school of sorts. 
Luckily with him gone I have the bestie nearby.
And by nearby I now mean like
20 minutes.
It has been almost 6 years since we lived close by one another.
It still feels like a vacation that should end soon.
So yeah that's is for now.

Back to our normal routines.
I promise to be a better Mama Blogger this year. 
Really I do...

December 19, 2012

Dr. Oekter Ristorante Pizza (review)

When planning a party people often get
so exhausted thinking about what
type of foods to have. 
Pizza is always a good option. 
Last week I had a holiday party with
some of my friends from around the base.
We had cookies, drinks and pizza.
Not just any pizza either.
We had Dr. Oetker's Ristorante pizza.
Seriously the best frozen pizza out there. 

Ristorante by Dr. Oetker is the #1 frozen pizza brand in Italy.
Ristorante Pizza offers distinctive combinations of toppings
and seasonings to create an authentic Italian taste you will love!

It comes in 6 delicious flavors. 
-Quattro Formaggi

Ristorante pizza's are now available in Maine, Rhode Island, 
Massachusetts and Connecticut at Wal-Mart.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward  blogger network. Mom It Forward and Dr. Oekler partnered in support of this campaign. Dr. Oekter compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

#26Acts of Kindness

Last Friday everyone of us was 
touched , moved, horrified, angered and 
downright sad about the tragic events that 
took place in Newtown, Connecticut.
Sandy Hook Elementary and the images 
from that day will never leave any of us. 

My Ninja is a kindergartener and all I could
do that day was to think those 
kids are his age. 
All of my children have gotten a few more
hugs and kisses.

There has been enough bad in our lives right now.
It is time that we stand up and begin to 
do something kind.
A movement has been started and I fully intend to 
The #26Acts of Kindness has begun. 

Image via Google

It can be a simple as 
a smile to a stranger
buying the person beside you's coffee
or lunch
paying off someone's layaway
leaving a gift card on a car window 

My only hope is that once I am finished with my 
#26Acts of Kindness 
that I will continue to spread the message of
good and hope in people.


December 11, 2012

Christmas Spirit

When you are moving during the holidays
it is hard to get into the spirit. 
Normally by now I have had my 
trees up for weeks, the entire house is decorated.
I have already made a bunch of cookies.
Gifts are wrapped and some are even under the tree.
Christmas cards have long since gone out. 

This year with the move not so much. 
Our rotation has always been during the holidays.
And every time it sucks. 
I am a Christmas person. 
This year I feel more like Scrooge. 
Don't get me wrong I still love the lights others
have put up
(well most of them)
and I have moved our little elves around to keep the
magic alive.

I also KNOW the real meaning of Christmas
and that lights and Santa and trees are NOT it. 
But they are part of the overall spirit of 
Christmas to me. 

This weekend last minute I decided to go check 
So we loaded up the kids and head over.
 The kids had a blast and loved the lights.
There was hot chocolate and cider doughnuts.
Santa and the Grinch were there.
As well as many other holiday "figures".
Our tour guide on the lighted hayride was Scrooge himself.

 Of course becasue New England is having unseasonably
warmer weather there isn't any snow for the skiers.
So Nashoba Valley makes their own.
Which meant the kids ran through it like crazy little people.

December 10, 2012

Macy's Heart of Haiti Holiday Stars #CleverHaiti

 The stars of my life will always be my children.
Stars light up your life and my children 
light up my life in ways I sometimes still
do not understand. 
I know that I will spend many many days with
these children and the many different
personalities between them.
I cherish that thought. 
Everyday with them is something new, exciting and yes
even sometimes crazy.

I received recently from the #cleverhaiti campaign
 a beautifully handmade star crafted by
a Haitian artist. 
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere 
and even with the devastating earthquake, the people of
Haiti continue to be filled with hope and desire 
to improve their lives.
The Heart of Haiti artists keep that hope alive by creating
these one of a kind artistic pieces.
You can buy beautifully handcrafted Heart of Haiti items at your local Macy's
The collection features more than 40 home decor items including
 quilts, metalwork, jewelry and paintings all made 
almost entirely from recycled and sustainable items such as 
old cement bags, cardboard, oil drums and local gommier wood.

I know that everyone has that one person in your life that has everything
and is hard to shop for. 
What a better gift idea than to give the gift that keeps on giving.
Not only are you buying a beautiful handcrafted item but you
will also be supporting the rebuilding of Haiti. 
 Macy’s Heart of Haiti upholds the belief that “trade not aid” 
is a powerful way to create sustainable 
work and much needed financial opportunities.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #CleverHaiti