July 25, 2010

A decade old....

Today is the day my first born was born, 10 years ago I became a mom. I am going to have so much fun bugging her about being old since she is a decade now and in double digits. She loves to bug me about being born in the 80's. GASP I'm so old, well now so is she! Here are some pictures of her last 10 years of life. Pardon the first couple pictures. Before we got a digital camera. Life is so much easier in the digital picture world!So here's to another 10 years and many many more. Just maybe not SO fast this time! :(

A few months old

That all so important 1st birthday cake

July birthday's are SO hot!

Three roses for her 3rd birthday

Fourth birthday with her dog Hero

The big 5 Luau theme

6th Birthday

7 was in Okinawa

Water park birthday fun for number 8

9th birthday party with her besties

The big 10

Ok, so now that I've spent the last 15 minutes looking for these pictures I am a little misty eyed. Hasn't someone invented a potion yet to make these kids stop growing?!?!

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